Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall-ing for Blue

It's all in the details. Find a great piece with unique details, and it can be something that sets your outfit apart from the rest. Nothing fussy; It's the little things that speak volumes.

The Blue 

For this post, I've chosen one of my favorite skirts at the moment from ASOS. When I decide to add color to my wardrobe, it's usually pretty, muted colors. This light blue midi skirt was just what I needed in my transition to Fall. It's comfortable and simple, yet unique. Pay attention to small details when putting together an outfit. They make all the difference!

Pieces like this are easy to go from season to season. I wanted to veer away from the typical cropped top with this skirt for one of the looks to show its versatility. Chunky oversized knits can pair well with fitted skirts and anything of the like. Don't be afraid to experiment! Even if that means changing your outfit 10 times until you get it right. Trust me, once you do this enough, it'll be easier for you to imagine what pieces will look good together. When you familiarize yourself with what's comfortable and what you look good in, it'll be easier to put amazing outfits together. 

Here's another combination with this skirt and a fitted top for a slightly more dressed up look. Quarter sleeves for me are perfect because I feel less restricted in my clothing, and they add a certain edgy-ness to the outfit. Pairing this colored skirt with black is an easy way to highlight its key attributes. Your attention is instantly drawn towards the tie at the center, the slit, and that appealing pop of blue. 

The Cape

And, of course, who doesn't love an amazing essential like this black cape! For the Fall, it's always great to top an outfit off with equally awesome outerwear. This cape gives an added oomph of chicness quite effortlessly and also keeps you warm and cozy during the slightly cooler temps of California's Autumn. 

The Bag

Lastly, the perfect bag is the bag that carries all. I definitely throw all my knick knacks and daily essentials in this one. This is my go-to bag for interviews, lunches, or meetings when I want to look a bit more polished and conservative at the same time. 

I always look for quality in pieces like bags, shoes, and outerwear. It's so important and apparent when you show care in what you choose to add into your wardrobe. Some items are worth the investment--you just have to pick and choose the right ones. 

There's plenty of versatility in clothing so you can wear them to their full potential. Don't be afraid to take seemingly Summer items into Fall or Winter items into Spring. Know what looks best on you and experiment with different styles and trends to fit your own style. Finally, don't forget to find quality "outfit making" pieces such as a cape coat, or a great pair of heels. Whatever your style is, it's important to experiment, push your personal envelope, and wear what makes you comfortable. 

Thanks for reading! Keep coming back for more styling tips and inspiration (: 

<3. E

***Photos in this post courtesy of Jannice Tu (IG@jannitu) 

Chunky Sweater: H&M
Turtleneck: Forever 21
Midi Skirt & Cape: ASOS
Satchel: Tory Burch

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Positive Monochromatic Vibes

Had the pleasure of shooting with Mr. Brian Valdizno (IG: @valdizbro) yesterday! Our first style shoot and I'd say it went swimmingly! I wanted to incorporate two looks into one. I love the idea of making "outfit changes" without actually making outfit changes. I go through days at school I'm which case heels would not be the proper footwear for--even though heels add a certain chicness to an outfit sometimes that makes it. My goal is to inspire you guys to create your own "convertible outfits"! It's a great way to go from functional to fancy for any occasion without too many frills. *wink*

Me and Brian got to talking about the past and why I'm starting to blog--basically "why now?" Well, I've always had a strong interest and passion for fashion; it's probably the one thing I've put most of my efforts to and one thing I am constantly thinking about. The answer to the "why now" question is that I'm finally in a place where I feel like I can achieve more--do better. Events that have happened and some people in my past have kept me from pursuing what I love for fear of judgment, fear of embarrassment or fear of failure. When there are these people around you, no matter how many praises you get--it could be hundreds--just that one negative remark will be the one that sticks to you, and I'll tell you I've had more than just one. So, you can understand my lifelong struggle with low self esteem, although it may not look it. I know everyone has those thoughts that put you down sometimes and keep you from doing the things you love, but I'm here to show you, you can do better, and to show myself I can do better. I know this is cliché, but you have to believe in yourself. The hardest thing to do is to overcome your thoughts and what's holding you back in your mind and in your heart. Once you let go of the negativity that's holding you down, like I am trying to, and channel your positive energy into something you love, there's nothing but success and happiness that will come from it. That's it for the life rant/intro number Tu (; enjoy the pics!  

*special thanks to @valdizbro for the shots! 

Top: H&M
Culottes: Zara
Heels: Public Desire
Slip-ons: Nine West
Rucksack: Target